Does this site sell authentic bags?

  1. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these websites?
    Are the bags on these sites authentic?
  2. Leese,

    Deluxemoda and Designer Imports are selling fakes from what I recall seeing on this forum a while back. Somebody correct me if I've told her wrong. :nuts:
  3. yes both deluxemoda and desiner imports sell fakes for sure. don't buy from those sites.
  4. Leece, all those are fakes. Eluxury is the ONLY authorized online retailer that are allowed to sell LV. So if you come across any sites that sell LV, and it's not Eluxury, then it's 100% fake. HTH!
  5. i ordered from goelegant and it was a totally fake LV!! i still haven't even got my money back yet after returning it and it is so hard to get in touch with them! i don't advise you buy from the site!
  6. Most of the "moda" sites are selling fake handbags. I'm not sure, but I think some of them are the same company, but change their name when they've had one too many complaints. Seems like anytime there's a site with "moda" in the name, 9 times out of 10, the bags are fake.

    (I'm not saying that's true of ALL moda sites, it's just true of a good number of them)
  7. thank you for the advise. I am a newbie and this info is helping me.
  8. Run, fast as you can....
  9. I bought a Prada bag from Deluxemoda, it was a fake. It was a $124.00
    lesson, if it sounds to good to be true, it isn't.

  10. Deluxemoda sells fake Prada bags.
  11. Those sites definitely sell fakes
  12. I bought a Prada bag from and it was totally fake. It was supposed to be leather and canvas but it was acually plastic and canvas. It was hard to zip and the buttons didn't have Prada stamped on them. Don't buy from
  13. Please file reports w/ the attorney general's office in the state these scammers are located!

    It's illegal to sell counterfeits............

    Report them!!!