Does This Seller Have A Good Reputation

  1. has anyone had experience buying from DGJEANS on eBay? thanks

  2. No. Sorry.
  3. I don't have personal experience with this seller but I believe he/she has a good rep, you can do a search of the threads here to see previous posts.

    Good luck
  4. thank you so much!
  5. I was told by a very reliable tPF member that they are legit. The only thing I'd watch for in their auctions is that some of the bags are shipped from (I believe) Hong Kong. There's too much of a window for things to go wrong with that angle to my way of thinking, so I only look at the items that specifically they are located in the US. If you're not sure, sent them a "Ask Seller a Question" email.
  6. yes.. i actually searched for that seller on eBay after finding out from a few PFers that he/she is legit...

    good luck! :smile: