Does this really exist???!


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Jun 7, 2010
Second City
saw this picture by chance and now I can't get it off my mind...
is this really a limited edition camellia 2.55 or is it a made-up knockoff?
I'm going nuts thinking about it... have to figure that out before I go looking for one...
any opinions are appreciated!!! thanks y'all!



Nov 28, 2009
Vancouver BC
Issis said:
Came up in an image search for Camellia 2.55.
*crying* a knockoff? Really? It's too pretty...... :crybaby:
Ya I saw it on someone I was questioning if it was just a brandless wanna be Chanel, but I saw the lock has the Chanel engravings, but the size was too thick to be a 226, and the china was too shinny I think reissues tend to be Matt in color on the chains


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Oct 15, 2011
Melbourne, Australia
It's certainly is a very beautiful bag! The shape, chain and front lock look very Chanel reissue and there is enough detail in the bag for it to be a Chanel special edition, so I would try the Authentication thread but the amazing ladies there would need more info than just the photo. If this bag turns out to be real, there will be many of us trying to find it too! Good Luck!