Does this really exist?

  1. Hmmm, was jus wondering if this earrings were really made by Vuitton? It's very pretty.
  2. Those are all charms made by LV but the earrings themselves I dont think are LV unless this is a new product?
  3. I do rememeber seeing these charms at the boutique a while back... they're so cute IRL!
  4. ya, I've seen some of the charms.... not sure about the earrings as a whole.... but I like them :yes:
  5. I am not sure if the one pictured is authentic, but LV did make earrings in that style, in fact, I think it was in an ad campaign...
  6. I don't think the one's pictures are real, I think somebody has copied a style of earrings LV do and used charms they have but those are not actually made by LV.

    I real earrings of a similar style are goregous
  7. The charms are "inspired" by actual charms that LV makes but those earrings weren't made by LV. If they were, they'd be of a lot better quality, those look cheap (note the rhinestone flower). :yes:
  8. Hmmm, okay. Thanks.

    It's really pretty ~>.<~
  9. 2nd. that exact pair looks cheap. cheap rhinestone and cheap hoop earring too.
  10. fake, they used all the charms but I really doubt it's real.
  11. totally fake but kinda cute....haha