Does this purse match my outfit? (and unrelated cupcakes!)

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  1. Ok that picture of the statue with the handbag, it took me a minute to figure out what I was looking at....
    Love your pics!
  2. :roflmfao:

    Aw thanks for thinking of me, that's WAY too cute!! :love:
  3. I just pictured all those men in that movie 300 carrying LVs:roflmfao:.
  4. haha lol hes doing a Snoop lol
  5. Classic, too funny! I will be doing the same thing. What did the bystanders think?
  6. LOL! Cute pic :smile:
  7. I love it!

    And as for the funny looks from bystanders... I got a few... Good thing BF has no shame, bc I actually couldn't reach that high, so he's the one that draped my purse on the statue....

    "This is one of those purse things, huh?" :roflmfao:
  8. LOL that is too cute!!!!!!!!
  9. What a great BF you have!!:nuts: Thanks for the fun pic!!
  10. That's so cute. Both of them!! :smile:
  11. Both are GREAT!!! I might have to wear that bracelet if I had it, since I've sworn off of cupcakes... the Illovo looks very Roman Emperorish...
  12. LOL!...that's definitely a classic!
  13. So this is what you were doing when you shoulda just flew down for the meet? LOL

    Hope you liked the pics we sent you. We missed you!!!!!!
  14. OMG that is SO cute!! I love it, and would totally wear it! Thanks- that brought a smile to my face :smile: