Does this Paddy look authentic to you guys?

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  1. the seller lives within 5 minutes of me, i could go to her place and look in person. What do you think of this pic?

    She's asking $4oo or offer, she says it is excellent condition: thanks for your input.:yes:

    here it is;
  2. fake.
  3. I don't know about i feel they're like ioffer. most of the stuff are fake. i wouldn't risk it.
  4. I think you might be careful! Most likely it will be fake, sorry.
  5. that chloe paddington is fake, you can tell as the leather is not as thick as the ones used by chloe. the brass lock is also too red in colour, and the pebbled leather is too even and shiny

    hope that helped..
  6. paddy owner here. it's fake. Send your questions thru the authenticate this thread at chloe and you can get many more opinions by paddy gurus!
  7. Thanks!!! I am dying to have a Chloe Paddington, yet, alas, this time around on the wheel of life, I have been destined to be a mere school teacher (mere, as in salary, not mere as in skills, time, dedication, education.....sigh......we're an underpaid group). I fear that by the time I save the $$ for a brand spankin' new Chloe (in cream.....Oh!) that they will no longer be available.

    ARE there places to find gently used, but much loved Chloes for sale?

    Thanks y'all!

    ooh and thanks for the tip about!
  8. ALL authenticity questions belong in their respective Forums in the Authenticate This! sticky provided.
Thread Status:
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