Does this paddington style exist?

  1. Hi. My friend has the paddington bowler (without zipper) in whisky. I love the style but was wondering if it ever existed in the navy color? I would do anything to have this bag if it exist. Anyone care to share? The bowler is similar to the one Lilo carries in the blanc color.
  2. I have that style bowler in chocolate! It is also called the Box satchel. In AW05 season it came out in the Blue Nuit - an indigo/navy color. Cougess (PF member) had one for sale on eBay recently which I so wanted to purchase. Perhaps it is still available? It is gorgeous and 100% authentic!
  3. There is a pic of the blue bowler/box in the "Documenting Chloe Colours" thread, also....GORGEOUS!
  4. Can you tell me the auction number? The only one that I can found is the one currently offered by lebag.. but the price is crazy.....
  5. It isn't on eBay anymore. You can send Cougess a PM here or look up her username on eBay and email here there. I don't know if she sold the bag but it is worth asking!

    I'll try to find her for you and hook the two of you up.
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