does this Paddington really exist?

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  1. Found it on eBay: I like the colours and the mix of leathers, but I've never seen this kind of Chloé before...
    Watching the padlock it doesn't seem to be a fake, but could you help me?
    75c8_1.jpg IMG_3014.jpg IMG_3009.jpg IMG_3008.jpg IMG_3005.jpg
  2. It looks like the brown, patent? Paddington Capsule. They were half off at Chloe's boutique? Perhaps that's why it's on eBay?
  3. Oh thanks!
    Do you think it's authentic?
    I don't know about sales 'cause I live in Italy and here is really difficult to find any Chloè half off!
  4. I've looked for the Capsule tote, but it's totally different, it comes with a chain and a small padlock...this seems to be more like the Paddington large tote, but it looks taller...

  5. Almost positive it's fake (for numerous reasons), but please post on the Authenticate This Chloe thread for more opinions.
  6. ok, thanks!
  7. ^ No problem! :flowers:
  8. I own the authentic version of this bag, so it does exist... but it looks quite different. for one thing, the padlock is covered in leather.
  9. This looks like the ones they have over at a site where they sell replicas. Not sure if I'm allowed to mention it's name, so I won't.
  10. I am getting the authentic one of this in the mail on Friday. I purchased it from the Chloe boutique at Bal Harbour as listed on the website. The body of mine should be patent and I know the lock is covered in the matte leather. You can see a picture of the Paddington Dome Capsule at Neiman listed at $1935USD. I hope it works for you and is real!
  11. Authenticity questions needs to go in the Authenticate this thread.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.