Does this one have a name..?

  1. I´m really in love with Kate´s bag. Do you guys know if it´s vintage or a designer bag. Or does anyone know where I can get one that looks like this one..?


  2. i'm not sure but in the second pic it looks like the miu miu logo at the bottom. could just be a reflection though since it's not in the other pic, but she could also be carrying it the other way around... hmmmmm... i haven't seen much of the new miu miu stuff so i'm not sure if they have anything like that.

    edit: well i just did a bit of googling and found some miu miu bags with quilting like that so it looks like i may be right! hmm i might need that :graucho:
  3. Thanks.. :smile:

  4. Do you think you could show me some pics or sites..?

  5. i haven't been able to find that particular bag... but it might turn up later, i'm sure she got hers early!
  6. oh. it's so cute :P
    i love your taste ronja
  7. It´s funny how I always manage to want a bag that I simply can´t find anywhere, hehe... :smile:

  8. that only means you got a one of a kind taste... good for u :P
  9. OMG ive been looking for a cute black clutch! when do you think it'll be coming out?
  10. Jah, I guess.
    I do hope soon, I want it... :smile:

  11. here's a velvet version.. i'd be all over it if it weren't for those crystals!

    Miu Miu Ruched velvet frame bag - NET-A-PORTER.COM

    i still haven't seen the leather one :wtf: not that i've been looking that actively but i would've expected to come across it..
  12. I have seen that one two. I´m just waiting for this one to show up.. :smile: