Does this new technology with AUTO computer bidding, is it affecting your profit?

  1. It seems as more and more people join the bidding wars using websites to do the bidding for them in the last few seconds is hurting my jumps in price I used to see. If 5 people use a bidding site to swipe the item in the last 6 seconds, then do they just bury each others bid and it doesn't go up?
    Does anyone else see a correlation when sitting at your computer begging for the price to increase so you don't lose money:sweatdrop:, and find in the last 6 seconds, it only jumps ONCE..:shrugs:and if 5 people put in 5 different being ALOT more, which one wins?

    :girlsigh:I like the old system, then the people who won were the total dedicated people sitting there bidding and the feeling the buyer and me the seller are watching the computer with the same intensity excites me..but I am losing my thrill with this not happening!
  2. I agree that eBay has lost its luster with the final seconds of an auction. I remember the ads on TV, it was either for cable internet or for eBay, you see two guys in a last-second bidding war - one has cable internet one has dial up. Guess who won!

    I haven't seen ANY difference in my profit or my auction turnout with sniping software.