Does this MJ Venetia exist, or am I wasting my time looking?

  1. I need it! I cant say that I've ever seen one but it would be wonderful to know whether or not I should be looking or not. I am fantasizing about an MJ Venetia in a wonderful warm and rich brown color with matching top-stitching (meaning no contrasting top stitching) and with gold hardware.

    MJ experts, is this bag out there? Or should I not even bother looking?

    TIA! Any thoughts are appreciated!

    The picture below is of my black venetia, which I utterly adore! :shame:
    If I could find one exactly like that in a beautiful brown color, I would be sooo thrilled!
  2. yeah, i think i've seen a totally brown mj venetia, i have a rust colored one which is like a reddish brown with silver hardware from 05, but i think mj had one in gold too, but it's more a orangey brown, maybe whiskey?
  3. ^^don't give up just keep trolling eBay, i haven't given up on finding a topaz stam