Does This Mean I Need a Break from the Purse Forum???

  1. Okay, three things have happened in the last 24 hrs. that make me think it's time for a little break.

    1. I was in deepest, darkest downtown (think middle of Manhattan) yesterday, about 20 kilometres from where I live, walking with a client, when a FedEx driver hopped out of the truck, did a double take and said, "Oh Hi Mrs. xxx! You're pretty far away from home!" I, of course, laughed and said "hi!" back and had to think VERY fast about why in a city of six million, I was being recognized by a FedEx driver. I momentarily thought it would be safest and easiest just to say we were having an affair!

    2. Last night, for my DH husband's birthday, we went to a lovely restaurant that we go to VERY rarely because it's very $$$. When the bill came, which I, of course, was paying, DH looks over my shoulder (bill was $520.00 before tip) and says, "That's half a Balenciaga...are you sure you don't want me to pay? AND I ACTUALLY LET HIM. :sad:

    3. Today, browsing in a local bookkstore waiting for my 13 yr-old to find a book she was looking for, I saw a book BY ALAN GREENSPAN and thought it said, "Age of Turquoise". I almost got whiplash reaching for it before I realized it said "Age of Turbulence". Why, you might ask, would the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve be writing a book about '05 Turquoise? I don't's Besace, perhaps??!!

    Seriously...does this mean I'm losing it??? :wtf::confused1::blink:

  2. oh this sooo needs to be in the Main Forum (prolly with the You Know You Have a Problem When . . . LOL!!!)


    I can sooo relate!!!
  3. The Fed Ex man has me cracking up but the fact that your DH knows the price and thinks of it when paying a dinner bill.... eeeekkkk!
    The combo of the 2- very funny.
  4. Totally cute story!!
  5. That is the best thing I have read today! Thank you!! The problem is, 2 and 3 have happened to me!! (Not Alan Greenspan, but another!!!)
  6. i love it - esp. the Fed Ex man!!! my work FE delivery guy DEF knows me!!!:push:
  7. thanks for sharing...made me smile!
  9. Just went back in and edited my post....I had capitalized the "c" in City. It's true. I've totally lost my mind...:search:
  10. :roflmfao:
    Oh... but #2 is naughty! You might need an intervention! ;)
  11. It's starting to be a HUGE problem.....I match cars to Bbag colors while driving.....and was recently in a parking lot with my daughter when she pointed out a very pretty blue car and as I glanced at the car she read my mind and said "Oh no...don't even say it....." as I lifted my Ocean city and held it next to the car....A PERFECT MATCH! :p

    Yesterday a co-worker (male) was reading the newspaper while eating his lunch when I happened to glance down while I was walking by.....and there on the page was a picture of some stuff in this high-end second hand store....imagine his surprise when I literally ripped the paper out of his hands...there was a Bbag in the picture.....:shame: (no stores around me that carry them, so this was pretty exciting)! Luckily, he has a good sense of boss, on the other hand gave me a look like I was from another planet.

    This same male co-worker has begun asking me "what color is it"? everytime I come back from a vacation or a week-end trip somewhere.......

    I have convinced myself that it is okay and necessary to sacrafice sleep so that I can spend hours glued to this forum and the internet just to look at anyone?
  12. Maggien, I was already laughing and nodding my head in agreement at the FedEx portion, but seeing that you capitalized the c in City is just too cute and funny!
  13. Good just reminded me of #4!! Today, I was carrying my Apple Green City and my 10 year old asked if was called "traffic Light green". Sure enough, I looked up at the next light and it was a PERFECT MATCH. But, then I congratulated her!! I mean, I'm breeding/training another entire generation of Bal whack jobs. Stop me before I reproduce again......
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  15. Maggien - you seriously crack me up! :roflmfao: