Does this MbMJ Dr Q Groovee sound right?

  1. Was the bordeaux for fall 07? I'm unsure.

    Anyway, has the hardware has changed with the seasons/colors?

    On my bordeaux there is less MbMJ branding on the hardware of the actual bag (just the feet and the inside zipper). On the newer ones that I see it looks like all the hardware is branded. There is still a chocolate one that I saw at Barney's that has hardware like to mine.

  2. I believe the Bordeaux is for the Fall 07 season. As for the hardware change, I'm not very sure about that. Sorry can't help you on that.
  3. Yeh, I have the Dr. Q Groovee from Fall 07, and the Dr. Q Dakota from Resort 07 or Spring 08? and the style of the bags are a bit different. Even on the newer Groovees the base of the handles are different and the hardware is different. I thought it was weird when I received my Dr. Q Dakota, but wasn't worried since it was sent directly from the MbyMJ store! But even if you look online at Shopbop or Zappos you can see the handle/hardware difference between the first line of Dr. Q Groovee bags and the newer ones.
  4. actually it does sound right. the chocolate delancey had the same hardware branded in the same places as your groovee. i had the bag authenticated here. if you are still unsure, maybe try posting in the authenticate this thread for some of the members to look at?