Does this make sense

  1. I was thinking about getting a Damier speedy for everday use. I travel a lot and as the Damier is ok for incliment weather I figured it would be perfect. I saw the Griet the other day and fell in love but its a huge price difference between the two bags.

    Now I went n a bit of a shopping splurge recently (thus the ban) and spent 1400.00 on 3 coach bags. They were cute but not the same as LV and VERY heavy. I have a bad back. Anyway I ended up not using and returning them all. I then thought wait a min...I was already spending 1400.00 on 3 bags why not put that towards the Griet...right. If I am going to spend the money I might as well get what I like...right?
  2. As a fellow coach lover, I'd say get the LV. LV is the only thing I'll pay retail for since I know they're classic pieces that I can keep for YEARS.
  3. I would put the money towards the Griet. Since I started buying LV I have not used any of my Coaches and I plan on selling all of them. The Griet is a gorgeous bag. If I was going to get a Damier I would get either the Griet or the Trevi they are so pretty.
  4. I love Coach, but I'd rather spend the money on a LV.

    I'm saving for one now- either the palermo or the tivoli PM.


    I love the MC Griet! So cute! i might think about that too.

    Get what you want. I think the Griet might be kind of heavy and big though?
  5. The griet is absolutely gorgeous and not at par with any 100 coach bags. Get the griet :tup: