Does This Make Me BORING ....

  1. I just really prefer basic/neutral color bags ... with Black of course, my fave!

    Bal bags are soooo beautiful in all these yummy colors - but for ME, to LOOK at - I just can't, or DON'T, actually WEAR them :shrugs: The only exception being my Blueberry City ... I bought Ink and Rouge Vif, and while I think they are gorgeous (especially my Rouge Vif City :drool: ) I just am not comfortable WEARING them :sad:

    Sadly, I think I am going to sell them both and get a Black Coin Purse and most likely a Cafe Twiggy - although I am waiting to see what Argile looks like (hoping it looks like 05 Caramel!!)

    So, am I the only one who loves bbags, but sticks with the basics? :confused1:
  2. Well, blue is a "neutral" for me ;) - so I may not be much help. You have to go with what you're going to use and be comfortable with though... its alot of money to have around, if you're not planning on collecting and want to have the most useable collection as possible...

    There are plenty of people that would love to take them off of your hands if you decide to trade some of your current ones in for more basic colors! So you shouldn't have any problems there! :yes:
  3. I think there are plenty of people who stick with the basics. Don't beat yourself up about it !!!! Buying B bags is supposed to be a HAPPY thing !
  4. B4B - yes, Dark Blue is a neutral for me also! and I don't buy to just "collect" ... if I don't USE it, it has to go! (just waiting for my DD to come home on break with her camera :p mine is ancient - LOL!)

    cassidy - Thank you!!! I always feel like I am "missing out" by not enjoying all those yummy colors! I keep TRYING them, but they just don't work ... Thank God for eBay - LOL!!!

    I think I will TRY and stick to what I KNOW I will USE :rolleyes:
  5. I don't know, I like Bbags because of the yummy colors, to me black is just black, why pay over 1K for it? I have a great slouchy, supersoft black bag by a cheaper designer and it's just a as good so I don't see the point, personally, of buying "safe" colors and paying so much money. Now, finding the bright colors is tough so Balenciaga stands out. That's why I like it. Just my personal preference, of course:smile: So, bring out the french blue, bright red, grass green, magenta, whatever else:smile: Preferrably with gold oversized hardware:nuts:
  6. Personally, while I LUST and DROOL, and would kill (for example, *cough* Deco *cough* :p) for some of the AWESOME colours from Balenciaga, I'm still a Black Bbag girl at heart!

    As long as your Bbags make you happy, I say it's all good :yes:
  7. I wear darker colours, so I prefer bolder B-bags to add colour to my outfit...

    I think black is classic, and very classy... as well as being easy to match if thats how you dress (I personally dont match outfit colours with bags)

    I plan to buy a Black b-bag in the future...

    It's really up to your personal preference... essentially any b-bag is lovely in my books!
  8. I consider purple a neutral for me -- so honestly, you know your own style and personality. So don't beat yourself up!
  9. Balenciagas are NEVER boring regardless of color;)
  10. definitely not!!! i am just like u!!

    i only do neutral colors.....i can't even get myself to buy small stuff like the new LV pomme inclusion bracelet (red) haha!!

    so i'd say stick with the basics if it makes u comfortable :smile:
  11. It doesn't make you boring. It's your preference. It's what you like. I love my black city. It can't get any better. It's one of my favorite bags.
  12. I adore my black city for me it is the original motorcycle bags :smile:
  13. I definitely started out preferring neutral colors - and I still do, but I can't help but want to add a few of the more interesting colors to my collection. The neutral colors are great because I wear them a lot and feel like I got my money's worth. I have bordeaux (which is a very versatile color), chocolate, black, ink, rouge theatre, and magenta. I rarely carry my magenta, but I keep it anyway just because I do love the color and its worth it to me to keep it around just for the special occasion.

    If you don't like your rouge vif, I strongly suggest you try the rouge theatre. It is dark enough that it doesn't feel overpowering when you carry it. I am scared of strong red bags myself - I don't like them bright. The rouge theatre adds a nice touch of color without being overbearing.
  14. I consider myself a "neutral" girl, too! I don't think it's boring. If you look at my signature you will see the only BRIGHT color is a Magenta Pouchette and the only reason I got that was because it's a smaller bag. I like brighter bags in smaller styles. I like colors but more of the muted ones not the vibrant ones as much.
  15. queen, you are NOT alone! I also love to look at the bright colors but I would never buy - I love my neutrals!