Does this make any sense?

  1. I just bought the Manhattan PM in June b/c I :heart: ed the way it looked. However I have used only a few times b/c I got a balenciaga hobo and that thing is so light I just sling it over my arm and I'm gone.

    So... now I am :drool: over the Mini Lin speedy and wondering if the same thing will happen to her that happened to Manhattan PM... back of the closet?

    It is SO pathetic to watch me try to put the Manhattan PM on my shoulder! Am just too lazy for a handheld?
  2. I think we all have our prefences. I myself seem to do better with a shoulder bag. I have the Speedy 30 and the Pappillon 30 (not sure if I spelled that right) and a large square tote with handles and I doubt if I have used any of these bags more than 10 times. They sit in my closet. It just is easier for me to now put a bag over my shoulder and go, I guess you get spoiled. I did decide to take one of my other bags out later today and use it......I do have my eye on a new bag for Christmas, but it will be a shoulder bag.
  3. I like to go back and forth between handheld and shoulder bags. The mini lin is permanant so you can take your time on making up your mind. If you are absolutely in love with the Speedy though then you should go for it.
  4. :yes: That is exactly what happens to my Alma....

    I got a strap for it but on certain occassions the boxy bag just gets in the way. But would never sell or give away any of my bags...I enjoy them too too much.

    Can you get straps for your Manhattan? That way sometimes you can sling it on when you need to...just my 2 cents....:smile:
  5. I was considering it, but thought it would be too long and bounce around on my hip....

    Frustrated b/c I think the handhelds are soo much cuter than the shoulder bags....
  6. I think that it is all about what you could always get it and try it out for a few days...the Speedy will be much more light weight than the Manhattan PM.