Does this look weird??

  1. I just got my Rebecca Minkoff MAM in eggplant in the mail and it is beautiful. The color is just TDF, however, I thought the zipper color was an odd selection. Does anyone else think this is a weird choice??
  2. It would help if the picture actually posted. Here it is... hopefully!
  3. The pic is pretty small so it makes it hard to tell...
  4. I can't see... is it orangey? I should be getting my Eggplant MAM any day.
  5. Can you make the pic bigger? Can't really tell from the pic you posted : )
  6. Don't some of the black MAs have a bright blue zipper? It's weird that some have contrasting colors but others don't. Different seasons?
  7. i think its beautiful! as far as i can tell it looks copperish? reminds me of my new fav jewelry combo, rose gold and amethyst :yes:
  8. Here is a bigger picture.
  9. It looks burgundy-- I like it. More interesting than brown or black.
  10. I kind off llike it. A nice contrast, but not too much.
  11. I like it too. It makes it unique.
  12. It doesn't look weird for me.
  13. I like it, I think it makes it look a little antique-ish.
  14. I noticed that in some photos of it on Luna Boston, personally I like it. it is a little contrast without being too much.
  15. ^^^^^Agree with the answers above. I like it. It's different, but it's not weird IMO...