Does this look too big on me?

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  1. Does the venetia look too big on me.? I just need some opinions. but I'm pretty sure I'm keepin it.

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  2. No, I think it looks great! I am a fan of big bags (and I'm not very big at all, like you)!
  3. No, not at all IMO.
    Great bag!
  4. thanks sanguar, i love your little dog :love:
  5. NOPE ITs cute!
  6. ^^Aww thanks. He's a shih tzu named Da Vinci. And he is that cute in real life.
  7. No, It looks great!
  8. So thats why it's soooo cute. I've always wanted a shih tzu. Thats my next dog for sure. I used to have a pekingese and they were really cute as puppies, not when they get old (like the show dog pekingese) ewww.
  9. Yes def a keeper .!. Luv it, looks great on you .!. .!. .!. I recently got the LV Deauville; the Trouville was too small for me....after I got home with this I thought to myself what the hell have you done as the closest LV to me is 4 hours away in Atlanta, GA [I'm in TN] but the first time I used it instead of just walking around the house with it on my arm bugging the hell outta hubby with "does this look too big?" I fell completely in love with it.

  10. Very cute, it looks great on you and no, not too big. Keeper!
  11. hehehe.. it's always different walking around the house with it and taking it out.
  12. so, so nice. congrats!
  13. It doesn't look too big at all!! It's a gorgeous bag :smile:. You have to feel comfortable though.
  14. He's really sweet too. Only about 11 pounds fully grown. He likes to cuddle and doesn't bark or whine. Perfect for me, too, because I have allergies.
  15. no.. it looks good. I love the color on you.