Does this look silly on my chocolate ergo?

  1. Last year, I bought a legacy bag at the outlet, didn't realize it was missing the hangtag until I got home. I called up Coach to request a new one. They sent me the wrong hangtag (twice! eh, such is life...whatever)...but I hung onto these hangtags anyway.

    I put the white/cream-ish colored one on my ergo bag...I can't tell if it's too much of a contrast or not...

    what do you think?

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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. deweydrop, I think it's too contrast.. :s
  3. I agree with Danielle T.
    It doesn't look like it "goes" at all.
  4. thanks ladies! just needed that 2nd (and 3rd!) opinion!
  5. No problems :p
  6. yeah I don't care for it. :tdown: The bag is beautiful ( I Have one myself!) but I think it detracts and also maybe makes it look fake?! :shrugs:
  7. Yes the cream hang tag don't look right. Maybe you should just go into the store to see if you can get a hangtag. If not then put your Coach Script heart key fob on there and guess what...we would be identical bag twins haha, because i got the same bag in chocolate too! I have a pic of it in the Ergo Club thread. Good luck on getting the right hangtag sweetie!
  8. i agree. another color would be better :shame:
  9. i agree...doesnt look right. I never knew they would send you a hang tag if you were missing one! I was missing one before, but my aunt had two!! One on her purse, and when she got home she was putting her stuff in it and found another one!!! haha how weird so she gave it to me.
  10. :tdown: You should try COACH and see if they can give you a replacement. They can be really good about that.
  11. i did, and they failed to give me the correct one, twice.

    i have two legacy bags in khaki/ebony, so I just switch the hangtags between the biggie.

    thanks again for the replies, off to remove the cream tag, i'll just leave the brown one on there

    -pictures were removed-
  12. Sorry...that sucks!!! I would stick with the BROWN hangtag then!!! It looks ok!
  13. never mind. :smile: