Does this look right

  1. Pls. help :yes:

    I just bought this beautiful black First at Selfridges here in London, and I love it :yahoo:

    I just have one question... it looks to me, as if there's a big (well not that big) "gap" between the zipper and the bag (the left side of the zipper). Is that normal? The other B-bags at Selfridges had the same "gap", as far as I can remember.

    Sorry for the bad pic, the flash makes the bag very shiny, but I hope u can tell anyway.

    Any help would be much appreciated ;)
    TS 021.jpg TS 023.jpg TS 024.jpg
  2. Looks right to me :yes: !!
    And congrats for your First :love: !!!
  3. Thanks ;) I love it, I just wanted to make sure, before I start to use it...
  4. i have seen this gap on bal bags for years. some are worse than others, but totally normal for bal bags.
  5. I'm much more calm now! Thanks for your quick answer...