Does this look okay?

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  1. So my new pelham's straps both do not stay on my tiny shoulders. Does it look okay if i just wear one up and one down? I mean the 2nd strape barely even touches my shoulder. Does anyone else have this issue with any of their bags? Normally i can just tuck it in but since they are rolled handles i can not..

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  2. put some more stuff in it
  3. On some of my bags the straps slide off my shoulder when it's too light. I usually put more things in it and it usually stays put.
  4. No the weight is not the issue, no matter how heavy it is the 2nd strap barely touches my shoulder. I was thinking of putting one under another but they are rolled and short.
  5. I sometimes I do the same with my Pelham ;)
  6. how about tucking one over the other? does it work?
  7. so you wear one up and one down? i am not alone here? :wtf:
  8. Would you wear it on your arm instead of shoulder? (This is coming from someone who doesn't like shoulder bags though...)
  9. ^ I very often carry my bags in my elbow for the same reason. As long as it is not overstuffed!
  10. i've been trying to medium pelham everywhere i go. i've been advised by every SA that you need to overlap the outer strap over the inner one.
  11. There is not much room to overlap with my arms in it:cursing:. I did slant the bag back at an angle it keeps the straps together and up. (only works if i wear an overcoat or long sleeve) I noticed that in a place with a ton of people it is best to hand hold it down to your side to avoid people rubbing all over it. (i am a semi germaphobic :sweatdrop:)

    Even my bf who has been 100% introduced to my bag by carrying it at the mall :Psays that it is not suppose to be a shoulder bag since he feels uncomfortable with it that tight on his shoulders. (note is he 6' and resembles a fence pole. :Push:smile:
  12. Beautiful first Gucci bag!!! It's a great choice.:tup:

    I tend to carry hand held bags (I do not like shoulder bags too much) and this bag looks a lot like it could be worn on your elbow - which would look really cute. The straps do look like it can get a bit snug worn on the shoulder but it depends on how you feel about the snugness.
  13. I have very tiny / bony shoulders and all my bags are a hassle... even carrying my diaper bag is a task within itself since one of the straps ALWAYS falls off and I constantly have to re-adjust it. I've tried overlapping the straps and everything and I've given up trying and just bear with it since I'm still not used to carrying it on my elbows. I do carry it with one strap sometimes haha but then my shoulders get really tired cause the weight is all uneven. But if I really like that bag I don't care :P
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    Nope my straps on the diaper bag don't stay on either I mean. Esp if I'm carrying my daughter I just have to use the one strap. I have the D Gold and that has the rolled straps. Even though that has one strap, I still have to clamp that between my arm when I have it on my shoulders or it slides off.