Does this look ok?

  1. So I'm obsessing over my new bag and mini-skinny (sorry, I hope i'm not being obnoxious - you guys are the only people I can turn to because none of my friends are into bags!) and I need a "ruling": I want to keep the mini clipped to the outside of my tote so I don't have to rumage through my pruse and wallet for things like my check card or cash. I think it looks ok this way, but then I was wondering if it's too "busy" or something. I do really like the "access" I have to the stuff in the skinny when worn this way.

    And sorry about the quality of the pictures I've posted lately - every time I try to use a smaller size, they get more "pixelated." I guess one day I'll actually have to read the manual for the camera!
  2. wow! Does your bag belong to a recent collection? sorry I'm not into Coach
  3. ^^ Yeah, it's the new embossed book tote.

    I think it looks cute! :biggrin: The color is gorgeous too.
  4. i think it looks fine to have it clipped to the outside ;)
  5. I think it looks great! Since the mini skinny is the same as the tote it kinda blends in
  6. Thanks so much everyone for the opinions and nice comments.
  7. I think it looks cute too (btw I'm new to the Coach forums, so hello everyone!) the only reason I would be a little leary of it would be for security reasons. Just keep an eye on it. Not just for people around you, but also for the clip staying secure and for the zipper not coming undone (unlikely, but still) However, looks wise, adorable. Great bag :::thumbs up:::
  8. I think it looks great...I do that all the time with my wristlets.
  9. I think it looks great that way. Love the bag!!
  10. I think its cute, I would just be weary. I keep my wristlets inside my bag. But my fruit purse I dangle outside.
  11. I think it looks great with the mini skinny hanging like that.
  12. looks cute with the mini skinny like that. Nice bag as well!
  13. I guess I would be the lone one in saying the skinny outside is not for me. Keychains yes, or scarves, but not the skinny.
  14. I think it looks fine, but like everyone else says be careful with it. I love my skinny mini--the are so practical--btw--I love your bag.
  15. I honestly wouldn't with my cash/cards in it :/