Does this look normal?

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  1. 6B632A06-A1E0-4295-84F2-46341957BA37.jpeg 02910BCB-296E-47CE-81AF-4752B337F758.jpeg 51AAE3EB-FF8B-4529-AA43-9ED9BD5751AF.jpeg B566A30F-B207-4514-BF42-4F1FF13E9E09.jpeg Hi,
    I just received a new to me Medium Veneta in Ebano. I did confirm authenticity prior to purchase and was deemed authentic from 2004-2007. The bag is in amazing condition but I noticed, when in the sunlight a variation in colors. Is this normal? Note the bag vs the weave down the side. Looks to be two different colors. Thought I’d check. Thank you
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  2. It’s absolutely normal and gorgeous! BV copyrighted the color ‘Ebano”,so it’s doubly special,and no longer being produced. Astounding bag!
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  3. Thank you, I absolutely love it!
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  4. Enjoy this gorgeous bag! My Veneta in espresso is probably my most favorite bag. It's the most incredible classic and wearing it feels like putting on favorite shoes or a comfortable jacket - just so right :smile:.
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  5. Beautiful bag and i love the effect of the 2 shades :heart:
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  6. Yes, I remember when that bag was released and I loved the contrasting trim.
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  7. Thanks everyone. I'm feeling like I lucked out on even more than the price. When I first saw the contrasting trim I just wasn't sure if maybe the bag was altered or maybe not authentic but I loved how it looked. So I'm glad to know that is how the bag was released and is indeed authentic. I absolutely love it!!!