Does this look like tarnishing or is it a reflection?

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  1. Hi TPF'ers!!

    I was wondering if the black part on this charm are reflections or if it is tarnishing? Please let me know your thoughts :smile:


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  2. Definitely looks like a reflection to me. To be 100% sure (and to have it in writing), you could just send the seller a note and ask if it is tarnish or a reflection.

    If you look closely in the last pic, you can see the person's fingers.
  3. OMG bonk myself on the head lol -- gonna ask the seller now :smile: hehehe
  4. I think it may be a reflection since it seems to be on the same spot on both key charms...the last one almost looks like monogram in the reflection...where are you seeing these?
  5. LOL! We all have these moments ....nice charm though :smile:
  6. On Ebay :smile: Thanks for your help!
  7. You're welcome..I thought they were yours and they were tarnishing! They are very pretty bag charms...

  8. That sounds kinda creepy lol :shocked:

  9. I think I am going to save to buy this brand new from the boutique!

    Charms Wishlist: Insolence Charm -- Insolence Pastel Charm -- Posy Charm in Amethyst :smile:
  10. Wow, you have great eyesight! I am all stretching and narrowing my eyes :couch: and I can't see it.
    It totally does! :lol:
  11. I'm probably wrong and it is the person's fingers like you least its not tarnish!:P
  12. So yeah.... I just bought this charm lol!!!

    I cannot wait to receive it!!!!!

    The seller responded that it was just reflection!

    So Exited :smile: