Does this look like shilling?

  1. could be or a nasty bidding war.
  2. How in the world do you know anymore after eBay de-identified the bidders??????
  3. Not sure, I "fight" for items I want like that lol

    Green_Eggs : The seller can choose to keep bidders anonymous
  4. Yes, probably. :yes:
  5. Hard to say really, if it is I wonder did the seller win? LOL
  6. I think it can be bidding war or shill bidding :push: but just wonder if it's bidding war, I'm not Chanel person but I periodically visit 2nd branded shops here & notice 2nd Cambon not for such that high price :shrugs:
  7. Not at all, I think it looks like a bidding war

    Look at their bidding histories (over at the view link on the right in the bidders list. They have both bid all over eBay, not just with this seller
  8. The shill bidder would have to be Bidder 2, not Bidder 5. Bidder 2 consistently upped the auction - but ran a huge chance of winning, so I don't think it looks like shilling at all. Especially since that bidder took on two different people and tried to win - I think they just really wanted that bag!
  9. I agree, both bidders have other bids on other auctions.

  10. Could be, but just because a bidder wins the auction, it doesn't necessarily mean that they're not shill bidding; as sometimes, shillers win the auction and then pretend to be NPBs and offer a Second Chance Offer to the next highest genuine bidder.

    Also, just because they have bid on items from other sellers all over eBay, it doesn't mean that they're definitely not involved in shill bidding, either, as the seller may have recruited his or her friends (with eBay accounts that they use regularly for legitimate buying and selling) to bid on this specific auction.

    If they are only shill-bidding for him/her on this occasion, or this is the first occasion they have shill bid for this seller, it is pretty much impossible to say, for sure, either way. :shrugs:

    No doubt, many of us have friends with eBay accounts, that we could recruit to shill bid for us, if we wanted to; many of whom probably don't even know that it's forbidden by eBay and illegal!

    I certainly didn't know it was illegal, until about 18 months ago, as I saw it going on so often that I thought it must be OK! So, if someone had said to me, back then; 'I have this item on eBay and I'm scared it will go for a ridiculously low price, please can you bid it up to x amount, which is the least I can afford to let it go for?', I probably would have done and not realised that there was anything wrong with it! :shocked:

    At the end of the day, if this bag isn't actually worth this much (which I have no clue about! :shrugs: ) and bags of this type have never reached prices this high before (again, no idea whether they have, or not?), it is very likely that one, or more, of the bidders were shilling, IMO. :yes:
  11. normally i might think it's shill bidding but i don't konw
    cambon totes have been selling very well!!!

    i was planning to sell my tote and was watching many auctions and a lot of them ended ridiculously high.
  12. Actually ebay started keeping bidders info hid now. It's not the seller doing that, it's ebay. Makes it hard to identify shilling. They do it so people can't contact the bidder and harrass them supposedly. There is a write up on it on ebay.
  13. I am no expert, but I really hope that there is no shilling going on. It just makes me sick that so many sellers get away with such deplorable actions.