Does this look like shill bidding to you?

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  1. I've never had this happen before but I'm really uncomfortable about completing this transaction. I bid on a tom arma butterfly costume for my daughter. I first set my max bid at $55, and a zero feedback bidder with 100% bidding activity with the seller, drove the bid up to $69.99. I then placed a max bid of $88 and they drove the price to 81.99 and stopped. It's looks very suspicious to me. Please tell me what you think because I don't quite how to handle this.

    Here's the auction link-
  2. I think it is hard to predict because there is not a lot of history. I use low start auctions, which often attract new members. I had a newbie bidding on one of my items recently, with several days to go. They kept bidding manually and after about 26 bids I wrote to them and gently explained that a lot of the action happens in the last hours/minutes of the auction. They calmed down after that.

    You can't assume anything really without an obvious history. You just have to decide how much you really want to pay for something and then stick to it.
  3. Paying for the costume is no problem. I'm just uncomfortable about with how the bidding went. I'm on the phone on hold with ebay right now so we'll see what they say.
  4. ^ OK. Good luck with it!
  5. Looks to me like a newbie who went to Ebay for a specific costume. While it's really impossible to know for sure in any situation, the fact that another bidder bid around $71 and the 0 feedback bidder hadn't bid on any other of the seller's items makes me think that the item is both worth at least $71 and that the buyer was probably interested in it, as it takes some effort to create a fake account just to shill bid one $90 item and none of their others. Since they stopped around $80, they probably had a personal cap. otherwise, it looks as though they could have driven the bidding up even more if they wanted. Just my thoughts...again, you can never be sure. Absolutely ADORABLE costume though!!!!
  6. Problem solved. Ebay rep said everything was fine and it was ok to pay. I feel better. Thanks for the help!
  7. A lot of newbies bid this way. That's why I always wait til the absolute last second to bid if there's something I really want--if you bid earlier, you risk someone continually topping your max bid.
    Although I admit sometimes I make a ton of bids if I'm curious about an item but not dying to have it, just to "feel out" the high bidder's bid. I'll bid a few dollars over and keep increasing it to gauge how high their max bid is. I'm always afraid that someone will think this is shill bidding (although I have high feedback and bidding history with a lot of sellers so it's a bit different).
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    Have you ever considered using an auction sniper, you put in the amount you think it is worth and let it bid for you.

    Most place the bid in the last 3 seconds of the auction ending and its a great way to pay what you think it is worth compared to closed auctions or you can go way higher if its something you really have to have

    Auction snipers are a great ebay tool
  9. I agree. I use a sniping program. Just because shill bidding is OUT OF CONTROL on Ebay. There is no way for Ebay to know, for instance, if this seller had their sister bid the item up. And that happens a lot.

    So I use a program that I enter the max amount I am willing to pay. I have the program enter my bid with 10 seconds left in the auction. It saves me a lot of money. Shill bidding sellers don't get to run the price up.

    There are a lot of programs that are available to chose from. I use E Snipe.
  10. ^OP pleased to hear it worked out ok. I agree with the others, when I really want something, I sometimes use a snipe on it.
  11. glad it all worked out OP!
  12. Great to hear that everything is in the clear :biggrin:
    the costume is just gorg btw!
  13. Glad this worked out well - I am also a person who uses a snipe service. I am so competitive that I just go crazy with the last minute bidding if given the opportunity! Must say, your daughter is going to be the cutest kid on the block in this costume!!
  14. I usually use esnipe, in fact I've always used it. But I guess I got caught up in the fact that they're completely sold out online and this is the only place that had it in her size. Oh well.

    Now I have a new problem. Yesterday I was looking online at Halloween express Tom Arma costumes, and my daughter just happened to see the skunk costume and now she's dead set on being a skunk.:pout: So my niece will be a beautiful butterfly and my daughter will be a skunk. Oh well its suits her considering she is a little skunk. Here's a pic of her costume.