Does this look like shill bidding to you?

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  1. What do you think?

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  2. Why do you suspect shill bidding? Is it because all the bidders are 0 feedback buyers? That happened to me recently (my item was ultimately won by a 0 feedback buyer). Although buyers with feedback did ultimately bid, they hung around and bid much later in the auction. So maybe this is a similar situation - less experienced buyers bidding earlier? Was that why you were suspicious or did I miss something important?
  3. No, you were correct. The bunch of 0 fb bidders was what made me suspicious. I guess I'm really not that familiar with shill bidding.
  4. It looks like they were trying to reach a reserve. I would have to know more about the auction and if the buyer just signed up recently.
  5. The auction is over, and I didn't win anyway. Oh well.