Does this look like burgundy to anyone?

  1. From Revolve Clothing's website. I would like a burgundy bag, but this looks brown to me.
    SHIH-WY5_V1-BIG.jpg SHIH-WY5_V2-BIG.jpg SHIH-WY5_V6-BIG.jpg
  2. Wow! Isn't that a great bag! Reminds me of a Cynthia Rowley that I saw in Saks last week. The brown color may have a tinge of red to it, so it could pass for burgundy...
  3. Oh yea, it does remind me a little of Cynthia Rowley. I love the giant studs. It's SHIH by Stephanie Lin.
  4. SHIH bags are extremely well made. I love the stitching and, of course, the hardware. Whether that bag is brown or reddish brown or burgundy, it is a knock out!
  5. Oh Rose, you're making it hard for me to let go of this bag :p
  6. :blush:
  7. Lovely bag, but not burgundy to me.
  8. Ooh, that's a hot bag! Love it! But it appears a rich tobacco color to me instead of burgundy. Either way, it is a knockout!
  9. to my eyes: brown, not burgundy!!
  10. looks brown to me
  11. Brown, but an eyecatcher none the less! That's going to stop traffic when you take it out.
  12. Looks brown to me. Maybe they listed it incorrectly?
  13. Ohh...muuust resist. I have told myself that I can't buy anymore bags of the colors that I already own, and I have several brown ones. is stunning.
  14. It does look brown to me as well, but I have the Chloe Betty Chain in Bordeaux patent leather and it often looks more brown to me too.
  15. It looks Brown to me too :yes: