Does this look like a scored label???

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  1. No doubt about it!
  2. Absolutely.
  3. Yep, I saw that too. :nono:
  4. Good spot there - seller lives nr to Shepton Mallet (wonder if they're staff)
  5. Can we report items like that?
  6. Maybe someone could email the seller, and point out that their not supposed to sell bags that have a scored label and that they will be reported to ebay?!

    Well spotted Jo, the bag does look in a bit of a sorry state as well, doesn't it
  7. :tdown: I hope that is not a Mulberry employee!
  8. Never seen a Bays drooping like that one.
  9. def a scored one, I wonder if she knows?
  10. I've e-mailed just to ask if the label is scored and see what she comes back with!!!
  11. Hi, sorry to be dim, but what does a scored label indicate?
  12. ^^^That the bag is a 'scrap' bag that would have been sold to a Mulberry employee for 1p. They aren't allowed to sell them on as far as i'm aware.
  13. Bags sold to mulberry employees for a nominal amount of money have their label scored. Normally these bags have not met mulberrys quality control standards. Also these bags are NOT allowed to be sold on.
  14. Beat me to it Flyvetjo. BTW loving my pink bag.