Does this look like a Rouille?

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  1. Hi ladies ... I just got this new Money and it's been authenticated by the lovely Nicole. But I want to know what color is it? Does it look like a Rouille to you? All pictures were taken without flash, the last one was outdoor in the shade. Thanks!

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  2. hi! i think it might just be rouge - did it come with any kind of tags? does it say any info on the box??
  3. ^ No, unfortunately the style card is missing. I have a pic of what's outside the box but not sure if it helps?

    It has an orange undertone to it.

    Thanks Nicole.

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  4. i think it might be rouge vermillion then? i think rouille is REALLY orange and this one looks more red then orange to me :yes:
  5. I agree with Nicole, def looks like tomato/rouge (F/W 07). I have both rouille and tomato and from your photos this wallet looks just like my tomato shoulder.

    Congratulations! Beautiful.
  6. Yep, could be vermillion from S/S 07 but in your pics it looks like tomato.
  7. I agree with both Drati and nicole.......rouille is really orange looking! Your wallet is lovely anyway;) no matter if it´s not rouille!! In fact I´d rather have a tomato myself than a rouille,

  8. Thanks ladies. Yeah I love this color and the leather is very smooth and thick. This is what is drawing me back to Balenciaga ... so addictive!
  9. Hmm it doesn't look like my tomato SGH Day, the zipper tape is more orangey too... can't help any further though! Congrats on your wallet, the money is best wallet ever imho! :yes:
  10. I've just pulled out my tomato and my rouille and yes, the zipper tape does look more like the one on my rouille. But the colour of the leather looks a bit different, sort of in between rouille and tomato.

    Oh well, just enjoy it. I have a black money and LOVE it.