Does this look horrible or kinda cute??

  1. Ok, here's my thoughts, I have my Scott Kay engagement ring and band set, then my five stone 5th anniversary ring. I've been wearing my 5 stone on my right hand with my "new" wedding band as my husband and I renewed our vows recently (for 7th year married 13th year together). My new band is a fun George Jensen (which I finally sent out to be sized so don't have it right now) it looks pretty with the 5 stone but I would like to eventually get an eternity band to wear with it so I was thinking I could maybe wear all my "pre" vow renewal rings on one hand and my "post" vow renewal on the other.........
  2. Personally, I think it is too much for one finger. Why not wear it on another finger?
  3. Agreed with HubbaWubba... it is a bit much for me. I'd spread them out or just not wear them all at the same time/day change it up and stuff.
  4. Thanks, that's what I thought too......I really don't like to switch off because each of my rings have meaning, oh well......we'll see.....the eternity band I would eventually like is totally different that what I have, it's one of the Tiffany celebration bands with baguette's all the way around thought they are beautifully shaped and cut just like tiny emerald cut diamonds......I've never seen a baguette band done this perfectly, I'm sure I can find something similar for less money if I really look though...
  5. i agree .. its a bit too much . seperate them between your wedding finger and riht hand.
  6. yeah, I usually wear it on my other hand, I just was playing around to see how I can accomodate a change.....Oh well.....
  7. Not too much at all! I do the same thing with my rings; one is an art deco white gold/diamond ring my SO gave me, the next is a plain silver band my Dad made me, the next is the white gold, diamond, and blue sapphire ring my Dad bought me for completing my jewelry making course successfully. I have two other art deco white gold rings I wear everyday, so I just put one on my pinky, the other on my middle finger, and stacked the other listed rings on my ring finger. I've gotten a bunch of compliments, and the stack is as wide as yours (though not as impressive! :biggrin:). I personally think your rings look great together :yes: The reason I wear those three together is because they hold sentimental value and I don't want to swap them out everyday; I want to have them on all the time! If they all have meaning to you and you want to wear them together, by all means do it, you aren't alone ;)

    Here's how I do mine, sorry my fingers a bit cut off but it's the best I have right now:
  8. i don't think it looks like too much at all....although i might change the order (five stone eternity on the bottom, then wedding band, then engagement ring) since the five stone band has a little bit different look than the set.

    then again, i like sparklies. a lot. it's always more is better with take my opinion with that in mind. :smile:
  9. You have beautiful long fingers, but I do think that having too many bands takes away from your engagement ring (and vice versa). I'd wear it on the other hand.
  10. Thank you, I was just hoping I could wear all my rings at the same time without it looking silly if I do eventually get the style eternity band that I would like for 10th anniversary or so........ I'll have to scope all of my options out next Hawaii vist when I can spend hours in Ala Moana while my husband surfs on good wave days....... I would love to live there, I'm sure you get tired of hearing that though:p

    Thanks everyone for your input, very sweet of you, I guess it really comes down to what feels right to me, that's why I could never upgrade my engagement ring, they all mean so much to me and I don't have enough fingers.......
  11. Nice rings but personally I like to keep things simple.
  12. I think it looks kind of cool all together. I don't know that I would wear all three together but I think they look nice on your hands. I think thick ring stacks only look good on people with long fingers. :smile:
  13. I think all the bands would look good on one hand stached together.

    The engagement ring deserves to be showcased. =)
  14. ^^hmm, that's a thought, my left hand is barely a 3 though and my right is a 3.5 so I can't fit my wedding band on my right hand unless I have the size changed which would not allow me to wear it on my left hand again.......I like that idea though!!
  15. Maybe engagement ring on the right hand? There's no rule as to saying it has to be on the left. Whereas wedding band is supposed to stay on the left hand. ;)

    I LOVE the stacked eternity band look. I'm looking to build my stack slowly. hehe.