Does this look familiar?

Jan 2, 2006
Greenie said:
$325 is what I paid.

Btw, they have the larger 36H for sale on french ebay. I would love to get one of those. I wonder if they would ever get those in US? Anybody know?

i am starting to want it too, but i'd use it for weekend trips, not to carry it around: too big.
you could get it in ebay, as far as i have seen until now, all the bags listed are authentic.
the 36H retails for 466 euros in europe, if i am not wrong.
i wen to the darel shop today...the tourquoise one is amazing and the light brown is great too...looks like 'old' leather, 'vintage', a bit stiffer than the black one but always slouchy.


Bag Ho
Nov 27, 2005
Ey yi yi, I would love to have a turquoise darel! I'm waiting for the light brown. Ballissimo is getting them in Feb, along with the creme.

Are any of the boutiques on the internet where I could order from the states?