Does this look defective?

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  1. IMG_2975.jpg

    Does the heel on the python shoe on the right look defective? I just purchased them and immediately noticed that the heels on both shoes (although it's worse on the right shoe) bends inwards. I compared the heels to my other CLs and none of them even come close. Opinions?
  2. the bending inwards is a little odd; none of my shoes do that
  3. None of mine do either. It looks like it could snap at any time. I would return them because I know I would constantly worry about it.

    How does it feel on?
  4. They feel okay on. They are actually quite comfortable and jut my size. However, one seems a little wobbly. When I look in the mirror though, the heels bending inwards seem quite obvious and odd-looking. It was the first thing I noticed when taking them out of the box (I ordered them on line and had them shipped to me). After comparing them to my other CLs, it seemed even more odd...
  5. Did you buy these on ebay? The heel may have been shortened.
  6. I have a pair of boots (not cl, but bargain basement :P) where the heels tip in slightly, but not as much as yours. They are my most comfortable pair, however when walking on smooth surfaces such as concrete, marble, etc., sometimes it feels like my whole foot slides and is unsturdy. I noticed also weird feeling as if the heel wasnt under my heel but more between my heel and center of my foot so its a little strange distributing my weight.

    But alas, it just could have been the cheap boots.
  7. ^yeah, that's the problem, sarasmith - these are not cheap shoes, so it's not something that I have come to expect with CLs.
  8. What style is this? Maybe you can check with owners of the same style. And I agree that they may have been shortened.
  9. Awww... these are the passmules you got on sale right ?
    It's a bit tricky, indeed, may be you should return them for this very excuse and get another pair of the same design.. =)
  10. exactly the reason I would return. Something that I could understand with cheapies, but not cls.

    im sorry this happend to you. :hugs:hopefully something better will come along.
  11. No, they were an EBay find, but listed as preowned but excellent condition. If they have been worn at all, it was only once, because they look brand new.
    After further inspection, I agree about the heels being shortened. They just look odd. If I look closely, the part where the red sole meets the heel tip, there is a slightly awkward cut and doesn't fit smoothly like it does on my other CLs. I thought that it was kind of a "bonus" to have the Vibram soles, but now I realize that they probably put the extra soles on because they had to change the whole shape of the sole/arch!!!
    The shoes are definitely authentic and the seller has a ton of excellent feedback. It may be that he wasn't even told that the heels on the shoes had been shortened.
    Now I need to return them and get my money back. He offers returns, but only for store credit. Store credit doesn't work so well for someone like me who wears a size 35. I could wait months for him to have another pair of size 35s in his small store.
  12. Actually a pair of my CLs have heels that look like they are bent. They're the Tamiflu, also a D'orsay style. I too got them from eBay. Mine weren't altered at all, and both heels looked equally bent, so I wasn't sure what to make of it.

  13. Looks that way to me.
  14. Alice: Interesting. They almost look as though the arch is a bit off - making the heels come in and the ball of the foot-area rise slightly. Pretty shoes though. Even though the heels point in a bit, they still look pretty normal.
  15. These look like they would straighten when you put them on though.