Does this look comfortable?

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  1. Looks like the dog doesn't mind it too much but would you do this to your dog?

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  2. Oh my lord! Not too sure about that one.
  3. :lol: no, my dogs are too heavy
  4. No I wouldn't. Dogs love walking and need exercise too anyway.
  5. Ouch...that does not look comfortable at all.
  6. I find it funny how they blacked out the dogs eyes as well
  7. OMG, i think if I put my golden in that my hips would get deformed
  8. No. I would never do that to an animal. They need to walk and get exercise too- plus, that looks horribly uncomfortable.
  9. Omg, as funny as it looks..I don't think it's all that comfortable for that dog..whatever happened to just good old fashion dog walks?
  10. yikes!!
  11. Ugh this is 10000 times worse than just having your small dog in a doggie is like the dog IS her purse. It looks like a stupid Hollywood accessory not a living animal :cursing:
  12. OMG, why on earth is there even a strap made for that?! I would like to meet whoever created that stupid thing and slap him/her in the face. I thought the purpose of walks with your dog was for you AND the pet to get exercise.
  13. Aww poor dog.
  14. my puppy hates walking more than 10 minutes and loves to be carried, but it looks like he'll be bouncing against my hip; no thanks!
  15. I think I have seen doggy life preservers with handles to pick up the dog. Guess this contraption is a variation on the theme. If I were a tiny dog I would rather be in a stroller if I were too tired to walk.