Does this job look legit?


Oct 17, 2006
It screams scam/pyramid scheme to me. They are tempting you with huge numbers and they don't require experience or education. I am pretty sure they will ask you pay for the "training materials."


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Aug 8, 2007
to answer your question: no, it does NOT look legit. it looks like a scam to me, sorry. And $3,000 per week? I don't think so. that's $150,000 per year! um, no.

i remember back when i was about 14 years old i saw something similar to this in the newspaper want ads (we didn't have the internet back then :P). it had a similar story, about how you can "work from home!" and "earn $$ just stuffing envelopes". when i wrote for more info, i then realized it was a scam. you had to pay like $150 (which was a lot back then!) for a "training kit" to even get started. :tdown: yeah right.

there are soo many scams like these it's ridiculous. a lot of them have similar MO: supposedly you can earn lots of money making/selling things "out of your own home" - often making some sort of crafts (pot holders, etc). they claim that they're "super easy to make!" and that "Mrs. Such-and-such made $10,000+ a month selling them"! well the way they swindle you is basically they make you pay a ridiculous amount for the "starter kit", and it turns out that the materials are crap and it takes you hours even to make one functioning item, which no one wants to buy for the price you are supposed to sell it at.
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Mar 25, 2008
I was browsing craigslist and found this... I'm looking for a job that is part time to bring in some extra play money. I'm a bit skeptical about this one because it seems too easy, kwim? Has anybody done anything similar to this? How did it work out?

Here's the listing:

It's a well known scam and we even had counselors at our school that help students get employed, come and talk to our class once, mentioning this particular scam and advising us to stay away from it.


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Jan 5, 2007
Jacksonville, Fl
Usually, if you apply, they'll ask for some sort of fee to "get started". On top of that, typically the ad processing time is greatly exaggerated to where you'll have to work half the day or you won't get enough ads to really make it worth your while.