Does this have black in it?

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  1. I don't think it does, but IMO it doest need to have black in it to look cute on your bag. I would put it on my black sabrina in a heartbeat.. it's so cute!
  2. Ok, Thanks!
  3. I think it does have black in it.
  4. ITA, no black in it, but still adorable and definitely would work on a black bag!
  5. I have it, there is definitely no black in it but it looks fine on a black bag :tup:
  6. I also think it would look adorable on a black bag, I also have it and nope no black dots! I think because it is multicolor it would look good on most solid colored bags!
  7. I just ordered this scarf the other day and my SA called it the "Skittles Scarf" because it looks like Skittles candy.

    Tara--thanks for mentioning putting it on the black Sabarina. I was debating whether or not it would look good on my black Sabrina. I'll have to try it when I get it.
  8. As previous posters have mentioned, there is no black on the scarf. I actually have it and and right now am using it tied in a bow on my black patent ergo. It looks very cute and the lighter blue in the scarf matches the lining of my bag. I love to dress black up with a little color. :cutesy:
  9. theres a black scarf right under it on it that maybe a better fit.
  10. No those are navy dots, but you can pretty much put anything on a black bag except for brown.