Does this happen ??

  1. *please dont take offence when Im asking this* but I was just wondering if Stores in Poorer countries have more LE stock left since there isnt a huge amount of people who can afford to buy LV in some countries.

    In Richer countries, ALOT of people can buy LV if they wanted, some choose not to buy, Some even if they can not afford to buy using cash can use credit cards etc. But In poorer countries were buying food would be more important and it isnt easy to get credit cards then there is less people to buy LV. KWIM ?

    So do Poorer/2nd/3rd world countries have alot of LV Limited Edition stock left over ??. Has anyone ever visited a 3rd world country with a Louis Vuitton store
  2. I have no idea, but I would guess that they don't have all that many LE's to begin with? Maybe they distribute them to areas in which they know they'll be purchased....
  3. I don't think they ship really limited LVs to poor counties. Not to be offending or anything but in some countries people can't even afford food, let alone LV. So I think they don't have that many LVs to begin with.
  4. Good Question....
    perhaps they don't get as many LE pieces as the larger cities, or if they received LE pieces that don't sell....they get transferred out.??
  5. As far as I know you'll find in Europe only LV stores in "rich" cities, e.g. paris, zurich, munich.... so where they know that they can sell it. and i think it's the same in poorer countries... guess that you'll find a store in mombay, ... but not anywhere in the country
  6. how about mexico city? Parts of the country is very very poor but yet, when you're rich in Mexico, you're filthy rich!!!! i love mexico but i don't think i could even go to Mexico City [not carrying a LV anyway] it's a pretty dangerous city. And the part of Mexico i go to is not the resort destinations... we are deep in the heart of Mexico.
  7. yeah I get what you mean but I was thinking maybe they get the average amount of LV's in their store. My local store is Tiny yet they get quite a few LE's so a store that is the only store in that country must get the same amount as a small store in a richer contry KWIM ?. But since we all have different tastes someone may not like an LE bag that someone else does so do they get left over ?, but if someone is very very rich I dont think they would buy more than one (or two) of the same bag. so I wonder what happens to the left overs? :smile:
  8. Since we dont have many people on the forum from poorer countries, its hard to know what happens to the bags/accessories and what stock is left over but I would love to know.
  9. in which really poor countries is there a LV boutique to begin with?
  10. *Some of these countries arnt really really poor but poorer than most parts of the world since recovering from natural/manmade disasters*.

    There is a Louis Vuitton Boutique in:





  11. i live in a poor country somewhere in Asia, but i would rather not disclose specifically where (lest my countrymen throw stones and rocks at me), but believe it or not, the stocks here are selling like hotcakes and people are crowding the local lv store and the waitlist for some newly released items or soon to be released can be very frustrating if you're not one of the early birds (one item i inquired about has a waitlist for about 5 pages long). even the expensive models!) mind you, our prices are way higher than other countries. and some even buy from other countries! it doesn't help that we only have one lv store to feed all the lv bag addicts out here.
  12. I am sure LV knows how to distribute their stock appropriately to each store based on demographics. That is Retail 101.
  13. Thats interesting, may I ask if you live in one of the countries I listed ?. I also didnt want to list countries which i felt were poor since that would be judging so i went online to look for what would be considered a poorer country and then onto LV's website to see if there were stores there.
  14. hhmm...nope. but i guess really in order for LV to put up a store somewhere, or in any country for that matter, there's a concentration of rich people who would still buy LVs.
  15. ooppss btw im not one of those rich people, im slaving myself to be able to buy an LV. hehe!