Does this happen to anyone?

  1. You go shoe shopping and find a lovely pair that feels really comfy in the boutique and then the next day you wear them, only to find your aching feet dotted with blisters...

    Happens to me all the time! And the heels I've bought aren't very high, only about 2 to 3 inches. Even some of the shoes that have been broken into still give me blisters. Also, somehow the first time I wore my 3 inch Guccis to work they felt so comfy, the next time I wore them my feet hurt and got blisters! It's kind of impossible for me to determine how comfy the shoes will be... I don't walk that much at work. :hrmm:

  2. That happens to me too. What I find is that when your trying the shoe on and the little walking you do...well they seem great. Then you get them out in the real world and well...not so great. I know I've been told on more than one occasion to try on shoes towards the end of the day or after you have done a lot of walking, this way your foot is at it's most swollen or at the point where it could be it's most sore or tired. This should give you a better predictor if the shoe will be comfortable when your foot is in that condition. I think a lot of us go try on shoes, get super excited and just buy them. We fail to think about that the world is not covered in carpet and every step will not be soft and padded. I like our Saks in Atlanta...they tell you to walk on the hard floor so you can tell if they will be as comfortable as walking on the carpet in that department. I hope that helps.
  3. I know the feeling. At the NM I go to, the SA lets me walk on the hard floor also to get a better feel for the shoe.
  4. Yes this is happening to me at this very point. I wore these new pumps to work (got them over the weekend from Saks and this is the second time wearing) and my feet are killing me. I thought maybe the reason is my feet are not used to wearing high heels. Sometimes I like to wear flats to work and sandals for the summer so maybe my feets aren't used to that arch but then my pumps aren't so high either (approx 3 inches) ???? :confused1:
  5. It just happen to me while at Saks I feel in love :heart: with these Jimmy Choo red pumps.
    I tried them on (size8) and walked all over the shoe department to make sure beacuse pumps could be very tricky...So the next day I wore them out and 2o minutes later my feet were killing me. I felt like taking them off and twrowing them out the window :wacko: Good thing I didn't...
  6. That's funny...I add the gel ball of foot inserts. I think from Dr. Scholl's. They feel kinda weird at first but I notice less pain. Maybe you could try those.
  7. Thanks, maybe I should...I do like the shoes. I just can't bear the thought of sustaining that pain again :push:.. I felt so a relieved when i took them off....
  8. I am on cloud nine when I try on shoes in the store. I am always saddened by the reality of pain once I hit the streets. The outside world is so unsmooth with potholes, cracks, debris, tracks, grates, etc. that we're sidestepping and trying to avoid while we are putting pressure on the balls of our feet that is three times our body weight, it's no wonder our feet ache.
  9. I think arch pain/ ache and blisters are different. I expect to get blisters on all of my shoes as part of the wearing-in process. Some of my most comfortable shoes started out giving me a few blisters. But overall ache/pain is different!
  10. For rubbing and blisters I now keep a small stick of body glide in my handbag. It really, really helps alleviate the pain of rubbing and avoids blisters.

    For shoes that overall hurt, I know what you mean. There is nothing so frustrating. I bought booties way back in early August (I think) to wear for fall/winter. I just took one pair out and they hurt my feet and so badly! It really is disappointing. And I feel weird and unsure about returning them. After all, it has been a long time since I bought them and now they are used.
  11. This happens to me all the time. I wear them at the store or around the house and they're fine, but when I go outside they start hurting.
  12. Lawchick- what's that body glide stuff and where can I buy it?

    ALL shoes give me blisters at first and some I break in somewhat, but they give me blisters if I wear them more than a few hours. No matter how comfy shoes feel like they will be, I always just plan on blisters. But I am so sick of moleskin and scrungy bandaids!!!

    I've had a few pairs, though that actually hurt my feet. If I can't fix the problem with inserts, I get rid of them. I had a pair of stiletto boots once that felt like a spike was being driven through my heel everytime I took a step. No shoes are worth that kind of pain IMO!!! :nogood:
  13. I have a pair of Dolce&Gabbana 3" snakeskin slingbacks that I bought for a bargain price of $161US! (original about $750 US) All seems well in the store, but once I wore them to work, I swore I would never wear them again...

    So I tried out insolia inserts in my Guccis and they actually work, my feet didn't hurt at the end of the day! But my heel kept falling out of the shoe. I guess heel grips can fix that? Still, I don't dare wear my D&Gs, even with the inserts. My feet slide forward a lot and the pointy toe and rigid snakeskin only makes it worse.
  14. yep, this is so familiar. Once I even bought a pair of Nine West pumps that looked a lot like Gucci, high heel, high platform, hot! They were comfy at the store but the first time I wore them, my left foot was aching so bad after a day of walking. I thought that was odd that only one foot was in pain and tried wearing them next time only to find out my left foot didn't like them again. Finally I returned them back to Macy's. Just came in and told them that the shoe hurts and they took them w/out any problems.
  15. I use Blister Block made by Band Aid. It looks like a mini anti-persperant/deodarant. In fact, a SA once told me she uses rubs a solid anti-persperant on her feet so that they don't sweat and cause friction and sliding in her shoes. My sister and I use Blister Block and found that it does help against blisters.