Does this happen to anyone else?

  1. I was out today running errands and hanging out with one of my friends... and all of these strangers kept touching my bag! They would literally grab onto it and ask questions about it... I don't grab their bags, so why are they grabbing mine? It's rude!

    Who else has this happened too, and what do you say without looking like a total *****?
  2. OMG. I would freak out! I hate people touching my stuff and don't blame you at all!!

    I would just tuck the bag under my arm or something. LOL, to avoid the people!!
  3. People have never tried to touch my bag. I can't believe people touch and swarm. What bag were you carrying? I would not be happy if strangers just touched my bag....
  4. My new Speedy 40... but where I live, the most designers we have around here are Coach and Dooney and Bourke...
  5. they touch cos they cannot afford to buy one..:p or bcos its so irrestiable..:yahoo:
  6. Not many can resist the alure of a hot new LV bag. But they still shouldn't touch!
  7. It would freak me out if someone did that. The last thing I would be worried about is seeming like a ***** for speaking up. Strangers will try and touch my hair and that weirds me out. If they were going for my purse I would probably go on the attack thinking they were trying to steal my bag!
  8. People have so little class sometimes. They just don't know how to be polite in public. I would definately be piss off and tell them to bugger off.
  9. OMG I hate when strangers touch my bag...for me, it's not strangers who touch it intentionally, it's strangers who bump into me by accident..I always get so freaked out when it happens, because I'm worried they scratched it or dirtied it or something!
    I don't know how you can tell them not to touch it without being *****y..but I too would be scared that they were going to snatch it lol!
  10. whoa that has never happened to me before. but when i was in vietnam .. random strangers would touch my face!
  11. weird! i've never had that happen to me with a handbag...the only time strangers really got into my personal space and tried to touch me was when I was pregnant...a lot of random belly touching...uncomfortable!
  12. That's crazy how some people are like that. That's never happened to me. By the way what bag was it?
  13. Thats happened to me before. I had a stranger at the airport come up and grab my messenger bag... I personally get really scared when people grab my stuff because I am afraid that they are trying to steal my wallet or phone or something. But this lady at the airport grabbed my bag and offered me $30 because she liked it so much... It was a cheap bag I got for $4 at Aeropostale with a black kitten on it.... I found it kind of creapy and just told her no and walked away....

    I have that same problem with my hair believe it or not... I had this one girl in my school grab my hair as I was walking to class and ask me what kind of treatment I used and if I put egg white in it?!!?! egg white?! gross dude... i just told her i use whatever shampoo/conditioner is on sale whenever i run out hahahaha
  14. I've never had anybody touch my bag, but I do get random hair touchers. Creeeeeps me out. And then they look offended when I tell them to keep their f'ing hands off of me.

    The random belly touching is probably the thing I would fear the most about being pregnant.
  15. I would have a huge problem with that. I don't like people touching me or my stuff. It's only happened to me once, but I just gently pulled my bag away, and said "Sorry, I have issues with personal space"...which I do.