Does this happen often where you live?

  1. I live in a small town where not many people have LV and the dress code is always casual. Recently though, I've seen two LV's; one Antigua and one Epi and when I've gone up to the person and asked where they got their EPI or Antigua they've said "Oh no this is something different, It's a Louisss Vuitton or something like that". Then I usually say, "Oh I know but that is the line that your bag is from". Then I'm met with a blank stare. :confused1:
    Do you often see people who don't know anything about the bag they're carrying? Maybe these people would sell me their bags for a deal??:graucho:
  2. i dont go up to people.
  3. I never go up to people either!

    I do somethimes think by myself when I see a lady carrying an Lv purse "She has no clue what she's wearing, she probably went into the store asking for a nice black bag and now she's wearing that gorgeous epi lockit..." :upsidedown:
  4. Hmmm...maybe I phrased that incorrectly. I've known both of the people that I've gone up to. Smaaallll town!
  5. It's happened to me before. :smile:
    I work as a sales associate and once I was helping this client with a beautiful aubergine onatah! I was just drooling over it and I ended up not being able to resist and commenting on how beautiful or onatah was! She just looked at me and she was like oh I bought it from LV 3 weeks ago. :smile:
    So now, I don't comment anymore.
  6. I never compliment anyone on thieir bags - and I definitely never ask what type/brand it is or where they bought it! People can be very sensitive about that information - and basically, if it's LV or another recognizable brand they paid enough. If you knew the people well though, I don't see why they wouldn't give up where they bought it. Unless they know they are carrying a fake and want to hide it!
  7. most people don't know waht bag they are carrying... they'll just know it as a louis vuitton, chanel, etc.
  8. The people that live in my area, know their bags pretty good.
  9. ^I agree with you^^^ and i am not bold enough to come up to a stranger and ask about their bag..
  10. When you invest in a bag, you know it inside out-name, material, dimensions etc. Those people probably have knockoffs.
  11. ^^ i don't necessarily think that's true. i know some people who would go to a store to buy a bag and will buy it cause they think it looks nice. but they won't go through the trouble of learning the name of the bag or how to care for it and such.
  12. I saw the Manhattan PM today and my sis said "oh it's LV". I told her the style but we never come up to ask the lady.It would be weird if i do.
  13. If they just like the style and they buy it, that's all they neeed to know,'s not a big deal if they can't "name" the exact style..
    Unlike me, my mom owns 2 monograms and she still forgets it's called "mirage". LOL!
  14. I actually was like that at FIRST too when I first discovered Louis Vuitton.

    I knew what bags were Louis Vuitton but I would have no clue what the name of the bag was or what line it came from. :shame:

    However, now being 4 years later and an official LV Addict, I can name the bag, the line its from and even the price.
  15. my mom is exactly like this. i always have to remind her of the names of her bags. when we go to LV she just points out whatever looks nice and functional, then learns the names later.