Does this Gucci style exist?

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  1. I ran across this bag and can not find it on Gucci website. I would like to call them to see if I can buy it but I have no idea what to ask them? Does this style exist? Does it have a name or number?

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  2. yes there is something similar to it...its guccissima but I dont know if the bag has a name....sorry!
  3. I have a similar bag. It's a guccissima horsebit boston bag but I don't know if that bag is Authentic. If you are interested in that bag you should have the PFers to authenticate it.
  4. Thanks. I had pretty much determined it was the Guccissima line but I've always bought LV and was able to call and ask if a style was in stock before driving to nearest boutique to see it. I'm having a little trouble making those kind of identifications with Gucci. Hubby has offered this one up for birthday next week and I'm just trying to figure out what I need to ask for when I call Gucci. I'll probably get a dialtone if I call with the description I have so far. :sad: Hopefully I can get a few more details. Thanks again.
  5. harrietteb, I just responded to your other thread with a link to the thread with info on the Gucci boston Wave bag in black guccissima. And I didn't even realize you were looking for something really similiar to it in this thread! Hope you find the boston bag - it's GORGEOUS!!! You're so lucky to have such a great hubby!!!!
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