Does this Gucci Bag even exist ?

  1. I am the husband who tried to buy a nice Bag for my wife. Last week; I went to the website: " " & displayed various Bags to my wife who selected a Gucci # 124404 Large - Piston ( Black ) Bag which was " on sale " for $ 298. I had observed this Bag @ other sites where it was referred to as the " Bardot " Bag. Although I have not received the Bag consulting other people.....I am not only concerned as to whether the Bag is Fake ? ...But I also don't even know if Gucci Bag # 124404 even really exists ?? ---I paid via PayPal who has indicated they will mediate a dispute if I determine the Bag is Fake + maintains that they offer refunds minus a 10% restocking fee. I also have the option of disputing the :confused1:charge on my AmEx card. I am not capable of posting a photo of the Bag @ the Purse Forum--But I would really like to know if # 124404 even exists ?? or if my Bag is Fake ??----Thanks---Don
  2. A serial number means nothing as Gucci list the first 6 numbers on the official website!

    Serial numbers are faked too!
  3. I guess that I am still confused....I thought that # 124404 was a Model Number, not a Serial Number ?---I just want to know if this Model Gucci Bag actually exists ??--Thanks--Don
  4. If you key in the word gucci and then the number then go to the images tab it will show you what it matches upto!

    Im 99% sure the bags on that site are fake- but without an actual picture can not confirm!
  5. Yes, they did make this bag, but we would need actual pictures to determine authenticity.
  6. Thanks for confirming that there is such a Gucci Model Bag. The Bag that I purchased is due to be delivered later today by UPS. My Wife thinks she is pretty good at spotting fakes; although I'm sure she is not anywhere near as expert as you ladies obviously are. Unfortunately; I am not capable of posting a picture of the actual bag here & I have been informed that the photo used @ is a " stock " photo. I guess I'll never know for certain if the site sells fake bags ?---The oddest thing of all is that when I checked the site yesterday; I observed that the Bag ( Gucci-124404 ) has been increased from the $ 298. price that I paid last week to a current price of $ 375. ??? ---Thanks again - Don - I will keep you posted.
  7. As a continuation on my ongoing saga of the real vs. fake Gucci Bag ( 124404 ) that I ordered for my wife from " "; the Bag arrived today & I gave it to my wife who indicated that IF it was a fake was the best fake she had ever seen. She loved the Bag & added that she believes that it is real. The Handbag came with a dust bag; but I could not locate the Controllato Card which was supposed to come with it ?..However; I don't know where to look or what to look for on this card ? I still don't know, as I'm pretty sure many other buyers feel, with any certainty as to whether this Bag is real or fake ? I hope that it is not fake because I don't believe in supporting people who make or sell fake bags. I am certain that my wife was very pleased with the Bag that I gave her tonight & that makes me happy !---Thanks, Don
  8. All fake bags come with dustbags, controllo cards etc. The bags are called mirror images- I would definately borrow a camera and put a pic on here. We have authenticated bags from that site before as fake and Im sorry to say I really, really doubt your bag is authentic!
  9. Hi Don,

    $375 is too much to pay for a fake that cost $50 or less to make. If you can post pictures of the monogram fabric, Gucci logo on the inside tag and the serial number behind the tag, we would be glad to take a look.

    Around $450 you can get a real Gucci bag from sales or outlet. No need to worry if it's fake or real.
  10. Hi Designermummy & beejerry ---- I was not aware that designermummy had previously determined that bags from were fakes ?? --- I had asked if this site sold fake bags weeks before I made my $ 298. purchase & I received no reply to my inquiry ? ---Does sell any real bags or are they all fakes ? Unfortunately; I just don't have the computer skills to post a picture of the bag at the purse forum. My wife still loves the bag & sincerely believes it to be real. Other than posting a picture; can anyone suggest ( other than stitching, etc. ) some features( markings, serial number referred to, etc, ) I could look for to authenticate the bag ? Real or Fake..the Quality of the Bag is excellent----Happy New Year-----Don
  11. Don -- you can upload pictures to a photo-hosting service (such as, it's free) and paste the image links here (starts with img). I've not heard good thing about that site.

    Without pictures we cannot give more comments.
  12. with all the due respect, this thread smells to "indirect advertising" to me...My apologies if I'm wrong.
  13. HM, seems like he wants to know the details too...

    No more comment from me! No pictures, no comment. ;)
  14. HAHA what a scammer...sounds like a scam to me!! how can you not know how to take photos with your camera, and put it on the computer? once on the computer u can email someone here or just upload onto a friggin site (ie: Obviously the OP doesn't care about fakes, just cares about people knowing that the fakes from this website "look real". ugh...definitely indirect advertising for a shady site.