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Does This Fiore Scream Hippy Or Sooo Cool?


So thankful.
Apr 20, 2006
Hey, what's wrong with hippies?:angel:

I'm getting a 1970s macrame wall-hanging vibe...it looks just like one we had when I was a kid. As much of a flower child as I am, I'm not a huge fan of this bag. Maybe it's the colors?


is really in love...
Oct 4, 2006
Here & There
Thanks ladies. I like some of the Fiore Totes - I was thinking the Elaina (which this is...I think she's got solid ones like this as well...and then there's the "Reina" which just has some tweaks in it like no buckles, etc.) I'm thinking grandma now too - not hippy - I like the way that the whipstiching is a slighly different color - but I'd always have to make sure the "right" side was facing out! :wlae: I'm thinking. I was surprised that it originally retailed for a whopping $725 but I guess with all that leather going through it to make the flowers, that's a lot of machine work (eh hem, I mean "hand work")....I'm thinking on it. I'm thinking it might be a whim that will soon pass....:shrugs:



and u too!!!
Oct 7, 2006
Chicago, IL
UGLY, I think it looks like something from the 70's but I wouldn't go as far as saying hippie-like. Sorry, that's just my opinion.

Weren't hippies opposed to leather?