Does this Fendi have a proper name?

  1. I would love to find one but I don't know if they are still sold or what the name of the bag is.....

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I think this pic was in the celebrity w/fendi threads. It probably tells what bag it is too. I was going to look it up for you but too lazy, lol
  3. That is the Vintage Croc. tote. They have just bought out a new version of this bag but it costs over $18,000
  4. THANKS!

    That is way, way out of my price range! LOL!:lol:
  5. The one that either Mary Kate or Ashley has, (I cant tell them apart), is croc stamped so I think that one is around $4000.00 or under :s?
  6. such a gorgeous bag, *sigh*.
  7. I actually saw someone carrying this bag today, and (although it is lovely) it didn't really do anything for me IRL!
    I think it looks amazing on Ashley Olsen, but it looked very stiff & new when I saw it today. Also, I think they might have changed minor details (I am really not familiar with Fendi, so no clue as to what they might have changed) but somehow the whole bag just looked off. KWIM?
    I have been lusting over this baby every since I've seen the A. Olsen pictures, but after today...not so much.
    Of course, if someone handed me a million bucks tomorrow I would totally track down the vintage version!!
    Oh, also does anyone know why this bag got revised?? Just because so many people were asking for it after seeing it on Ashley Olsen??
  8. Leefi, do you think the one you saw IRL was perhaps a knockoff? :shrugs: Maybe it could explain the fact that it looked stiff and off--because I couldn't imagine a Fendi to be stiff, KWIM??
  9. The new re-issue one of these is not stiff at all. They have given a special treatment to the croc leather which makes it super soft.
  10. mhh well I'm pretty sure that it wasn't a know-off. the woman who was wearing them was also wearing those crazy balenciaga boots the olsens have, the low version not the high one.
    it just didn't look that nice somehow.....have they made knock-off of this bag yet???