does this exist / has anyone ever seen...?

  1. an old petra veneta with magnolia patent stitching? i've only seen the noce one with limo stitching in stores. does it exist? i want it!!!
  2. I could swear that someone here mentioned that very bag not long ago. For some reason I'm thinking they saw it at Nordstrom...hopefully they'll see this thread! The bag must be gorgeous in person - I have the zip card case in this combo and it's stunning.
  3. Yes it does exist!
  4. yup saw this in the local boutique the other day
  5. Yes, I have seen it in the boutique before.
  6. can i ask you ladies at which locations have you seen this? and it must be on sale now, right? it is a seasonal piece...
  7. Saw it in the Singapore boutique. It was not on sale here but could be on sale in other boutiques. It's a gorgeous colour, the OP is lighter as its nappa leather. Very pretty!

  8. YES!! Nordstroms in seattle had it, it went on sale about 2 weeks ago - hope you get it!
  9. THANKS SO MUCH writetoshirley!!! I have the limo satchel with the ebano stitching and I LOVE IT. Hong Kong only ordered the Veneta in the Noce & Limo combo. I'm going to email a SA there that a tPFer recommended in the Chanel forum. And on sale too!!! I'm crossing my fingers.