Does this ever happened to you? how do you deal with it?

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  1. Hye
    I have just bought a bag.. It is not Coach though
    just a normal cheap bag...
    but then my sister saw it and said she likes it!! and it seems like she wanted it...
    But i really really like this bag
    Thats the reason why i bought it...

    Sigh... :sad:
  2. if it's just a regular bag, tell your sister in law to just go get one? if it's your purse and you like it, keep it.
  3. Give it to her and buy yourself a new Coach.
    You deserve it for being so generous w/ your non-Coach, right?!?
  4. lol
    shes my real sister
    my younger sister...
    sigh.. whenever i see that bag. i really likes it!!
    coz its pink
    i have never use a pink bag before

    actually when we went to mall... i asked her to come to the bag section with me.. but she refused
    when we reached home.. and the moment she saw the bag..
    she said she wants it
    i dun wan to be a bad sis n refuse
    but i really like this bag
    although its just a regular cheap bag.
  5. i dun understand why ppl can just ask for stuffs ... like... obviously when i buy it means i like it...
    is this like normal???
    haih i wish i can buy Coach for her too
    but my budget kinda tight... :confused1:
  6. ^btw if i do buy Coach.. i will feel bad
    coz i give my sis a cheap bag. n get myself a coach
    why does she haf to ask a cheap bag from me!!!!!!!!!!!! i really dun understand why does she haf to make such a request!
  7. I don't see what the problem is? It's your purse, why would you be obligated to just give it to her? Tell her thanks for the compliment and leave it at that, if she wants her own she'll go buy one.
  8. maybe you guys can share it
  9. my sis doesnt want to share it... i feel so upset whenever i see that bag...
    is it ok to take it back after giving it to her..
    i feel bad
  10. Maybe you should try asking in the relationship forum, about toughening up a little ;) Can I ask how old you are? If you already gave it to her, just let her keep it and take it as a lesson. Next time, don't let anyone guilt you into doing anything. Your bag, you liked it, you bought it, you keep it.
  11. hi titania..
    im 24.. going 25 already :sad:
    i was testing my sister jsut now
    i told her that i want her handphone and i always liked her phone
    i just want to see if she's willing to give it to me...
    but she kinda aware that i was testing her..
    anyway,.. she doesnt want to give her phone to me though

  12. How old r you and your sis?
    I'm kind of assuming that you're working but she's still schooling?

    If the bag's already given to her officially, then let it go, no point asking for a gift back.

    But if your reply to her so far had been along the lines of maybes and you'll think about it, then explain to her that you really like this bag, you can't given it to her, but you'll be willing to share it occasionally.

    To smooth things over, perhaps can offer to pay half the cost of the next bag she's interested in.
    She can save her school allowances, etc. and learn to appreciate the value of material items, and you'll still be a doting big sister by paying for half of it.
    (of course, need to negotiate and agreed on a reasonably-priced bag that both of you can comfortably afford first... :sweatdrop: )

    I think sometimes, it may be hard for an older sibling to be strict with a much younger sibling as perhaps the 'maternal' instinct is a little more prominent?
    But maybe can "strenghten" yourself to be stricter by educating her that family menbers may be very tolerant of each others' 'bad habits', but outsiders will not be. Especially when she starts working whereby people may be more critical. In addition, if such a habit is continued in her later year, she may end up being very reliant on others for the rest of her life...??:confused1:

    haa... personally, I'm a younger sibling. :yahoo::woohoo::crybaby:

    Seriously, if my bro / parents had been very tolerant / gave in to me all the time, I'm most likely to just take all the advantages I could.. Luckily (haha.. or unfortunately, depending on how one sees it), our age diff is not much, my parents believe in not spoiling one child more than the other, and my bro is perfectly at ease refusing me unless it is for seriously important stuff.

    Good Luck! and keep telling yourself that sometimes, giving in all the time may do more harm to your sis in the long run than if you're a little stricter now. :yes:
  13. Hey!! thanks for ur reply jj_magic
    well im 24.. shes 2yrs younger than me
    yea.. shes still schooling im already working..
    well i sort of have given the bag to her
    sighhh.. i dunno i feel bad ...

    im planning to ask from her back.. i mean i give her the money n ask her to buy a new bag.. is it ok?

    my sis only ask for stuffs she want... like before this i bought a bag. and she thought its ugly and cheap looking.. she never ask for it..

    but this time.. she seems to like it..
    usually, she only take my perfume...

    T_T fyi, today i gave a hint that i like tat bag...
    and she said "u seem to like tat bag"
    dunno why i feel so pissed..
    and i said.. of coz i like it!! thats y i bought it!!"

  14. Your sister must be in the habit of asking for what she wants and thinking she will get it because of past experience. That needs to stop now, otherwise she will always think she is entitled to your things. I agree about thanking her for a compliment if she says she likes something of yours and leaving it at that. If she has the nerve to outright ask you to give it to her, tell her that it is new and you like it very much and you are keeping it for now. Maybe after a few experiences like this she will get the hint and stop thinking she can take anything of yours that she wants.
  15. sighh she always make me angry n upsetr sometimes
    like shes nice n everything but... guess what
    she never get anything for my birthday.. i know its stupid..
    but when her fren;s birthday.. i paid for it... :sad:
    i know she loves me.. but sometimes... i just feel that she is selfish
    of coz she is nice sometimes but.. there are times.. that she makes me feel that way...