Does this ever happen to you?

  1. So I just bought a grey reissue for about $2000 (I'll post pics once I get it!!) and my mom's friend asked how much it was. When I told her it was $2000 she laughed/rolled her eyes and told me she would NEVER pay more than $30 for a purse. I love to have beautiful purses and hate the flack I get when people find out what I spend on them. Do you just not tell people how much your bags are? But they're Chanel and people MUST know Chanel is expensive. Sorry if there have been similar threads to this already. Thanks for letting me vent! I feel better already:p
  2. I normally laugh off the question and say something like, "an arm and a leg"...and make sure they realize I'm not going to talk about it anymore. lol
  3. Same here, it irritates me that people can be so nosy. Unless they're paying my bills, it's "nunya", which is Southernese for "none of your business".
  4. I usually get comments like "for the price of one, I could get 20 different bags" and then they roll their eyes as if I did something stupid. I know Chanel is a luxury and a gift that thankfully I can at times afford - but most of my friends and family think I am wasting my money.
  5. Yeah I think from now on I'll just sayin "enough" or "an arm & a leg" if people ask me how much my bags are. It's my money, not their's so they have no right to tell me it's absurd to spend so much on a bag!
  6. ^ Exactly! You're allowed to spend whatever amount you wish on whatever item you like. It's yours to use.

    If I feel like they're going to throw back a negative comment (and you can usually tell), I tell them something like "too much." But if I know someone is genuinely interested, I tell them straight up what I paid. I was talking to a woman in a store the other day, told them how much my Jumbo cost, and then she told me about her Marc Jacobs bags. We discussed how much they cost, how soft the leather is, etc. Felt good!
  7. I always say it was a gift or oh I've had it for a while
  8. Me too. :yes:
  9. ^^ Good suggestion. I'm always a little taken aback when people ask me how much things cost. I figure, if I pay for it, it's for my information only:yes:
  10. yahh unless they're a close friend that shares a bag passion i would really rather not talk about it.. i wonder why people think it's okay to ask how much something is?!?!?! i'm always embarrassed when people ask me that! not embarrassed per se but definitely awkward. :O
  11. i say "why do you want to know?"
  12. I hate getting flack too, but you know what, at the end of the day it is my $ and I choose to spend it here. I have a co-worker who always asks about my bags...she eats out all her meals, goes out almost nightly, etc. When you tally all that up it is like getting a Chanel every 2-3 months! It's all about where you put your $$.
  13. They're just jealous because they can't afford one, and it makes them feel better to say something rude because they are insecure.
  14. Huh, my mother taught me that it was just plain impolite to ask people how much they paid for things (LOL). Don't ask, don't tell is my policy. I don't ask anyone about how much they spend, and I usually find a polite way not to answer when they ask me. I just don't feel like it's everyone's business what I choose to do with my spare money. Everyone has something that they choose to spend their discretionary funds on. We just love to spend ours on handbags....
  15. What about just laughing and saying, darling, you wouldn't believe it if I told you. If the evil streak rises to the surface you could say: more than you would ever pay, I'm sure. Or just go momentarily deaf and just leave it unanswered.

    Hard to fathom some people haven't learned it is rude to ask this question.