Does this ever happen to you?

  1. *kicks eBags* I was just about to make a purchase on eBags last night and I started getting a really weird database error. Now today it says they are upgrading their site and will be back online soon!

    I kinda hope it was an unscheduled outage, because I would rather think that than they decided not to warn of the downtime in advance!
  2. Kat2, I surf ebags everyday - (just surfing, I can't buy as I live overseas) except for two days when there was something wrong with my PC, and the last week or so, ebags has been down every now and then - hardly happened before over the past several months. Hope it's an unscheduled outage.
  3. some times i just take that as a sign or omen that i'm not meant to buy something either from them/ or at that exact time
  4. Still down ... rats!
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