Does this East/West exist?

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  1. Hi All,

    Please help! I would like to know if Chanel has ever made a East/West with black lamb skin and new chain.

    If yes, do you know where I can find one now? Really would love to get it with that combination. Thank you!
  2. yes, they did make one in blk lambskin with the new bijoux chain. i think nm has it? dont' think saks bought it, but i'm not 100% sure. i don't gather it will be too difficult to locate
  3. Saks had it in caviar.
  4. I saw it at Bergdorf about a month ago.
  5. Bloomingdales in South Coast plaza has the small and medium one and the small is $1395, there was only one left about 2 weeks ago.
  6. Are you talking about a east/west flap? I saw a black lambskin one last weekend at Neiman Marcus in Lenox Mall, Atlanta.
  7. Chanel boutique in SF has the E/W lambskin.
  8. Hi All,

    Thanks for you guys' info. I was looking for a black lamb skin East West bag with New Chain.

    I know that Chanel certainly has a black lamb skin East West bag with regular chain. So, I just wanted to find out if they have one with the New Chain. If anyone sure that they have seen one, please let me know! Thanks again.
  9. I've never seen one with the new chain.
  10. there's one on ebay right now, and in the reference library somewhere, there's a picture of paris hilton wearing this bag.
  11. Chanelboy,

    Thank you for the info! That's what most of the SAs told me. Do you know if something like that will be available anytime soon?


    Could you please kindly post the links here or PM that to me? Thanks!

    Below is one that I've found on e-bay after reading Takeoutbox's message. Is it the one you talked about?

    Anyone can tell if it is Authentic?