Does this defect make my bag look like a fake?

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  1. I bought this DA totally PM at the beginning of the month and only just realized that the one of the squares at the seam is badly matched up.

    Here is the picture of the offending square, it's the square above the strap hoop on the left.

    I got this bag from the LV boutique at KLCC so it's never a question of it being a fake but could it be mistaken for one based on this defect? Are misaligned squares on ebene and Azur bags even indicators on fakes? Any one with DA/DE totally or bags please weight in? TIA!

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  2. Yikes, upside down picture! Here's one right side up!

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  3. I just checked and mine is slightly misaligned too and it was bought at an LV boutique. It is the new model. I guess that is what makes them all "unique" now - don't think any of them match anymore. Hope that helps!

  4. But OP's bag is the old model since her rings are oval not square.
  5. Fake to whom? You bought it from the boutique so you know it's real. The bags are not perfectly aligned, that's a myth. Bag looks great, just enjoy it.
  6. I've had two DE bags for years and wouldn't be able to tell you if all of the squares match up perfectly, because I've never checked! My bags came from LV stores and I know they are authentic LV, so I don't worry. Your DA Totally is gorgeous; don't worry about and enjoy it! :smile:
  7. ^+1
  8. Mine looks exactly the same. I did lots of research when I first got mine and noticed this and I found that they're almost all like this. It ensures it's aligned in more noticable areas whereas this is hidden by the strap. Hope this helps.
  9. Yes, my bag is the one being discontinued. I got my SA to transfer this last piece from South Korea, took them almost a month.
  10. Thanks for checking! I guess misaligned squares are not a QC concern.
  11. That is good to know, thank you!:smile:
  12. Thanks for your compliment! The totally is gorgeous and a joy to carry. The PM size can take all my daily essentials and my ipad with ease.
  13. Yes, your input does help, thank you! As this was the last piece of the old model in Asia, I thought maybe it was not sold earlier because this is a defect. Now you have put my mind at ease!
  14. It wouldn't bother me, I never checked my DA and DE squares, just enjoy your bag!
  15. don't worry! no one will see that! just enjoy your new beauty!!!👍